3 12 2006

The International Union of Sex Workers

IUSW - The International Union of Sex Workers

We demand:

  • Decriminalisation of all aspects of sex work involving consenting adults.
  • The right to form and join professional associations or unions.
  • The right to work on the same basis as other independent contractors and employers and to receive the same benefits as other self-employed or contracted workers.
  • No taxation without such rights and representation.
  • Zero tolerance of coercion, violence, sexual abuse, child labour, rape and racism.
  • Legal support for sex workers who want to sue those who exploit their labour.
  • The right to travel across national boundaries and obtain work permits wherever we live.
  • Clean and safe places to work.
  • The right to choose whether to work on our own or co-operatively with other sex workers.
  • The absolute right to say no.
  • Access to training – our jobs require very special skills and professional standards.
  • Access to health clinics where we do not feel stigmatised.
  • Re-training programmes for sex workers who want to leave the industry.
  • An end to social attitudes which stigmatise those who are or have been sex workers.





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