Chinese anger at humiliation of prostitutes

13 12 2006

Det er ikke kun i Danmark at myndighederne laver kampagner mod prostituerede og kunder.
I Kina er politiet gået til yderlighederne forleden med deres razzia mod div karaoke barer, saunaer og frisørsaloner, hvor ca 100 prostituerede og deres kunder blev fanget og tvunget ud i en offentlig ”skamme parade demonstration”.
Politiet gav kvinderne håndhjern på og  gule dragter, brugte mikrofoner og læste de forskellige’s navne op samt hvad de var anklaget i at have begået.  

Den eneste trøst er at kampagnen har givet bagslag og div advokater, akademikere og alle Kina’s Women Federation nu tager kampen op mod politiet som de anklager for at have overtrådt menneskerettighederne.

Læs resten her :
Public Shaming of Prostitutes Misfires in China
BEIJING, Dec. 8 — To local officials combating Shenzhen’s reputation as a den of vice, it seemed like a good idea, the perfect way to dissuade provincial girls from turning to prostitution in the big city and frighten away the men who patronize their brothels. 

Chinese anger at humiliation of prostitutes
A parade of prostitutes by police aimed at naming and shaming sex workers in southern
China has sparked a backlash by an unusual coalition of lawyers, academics and the All-China Women’s Federation.
Although the women tried to cover their faces with surgical masks, it was not enough to hide their identities because police revealed their names, hometowns and dates of birth while publicly sentencing them all to 15 days in prison.,,1965951,00.html 

Backlash over humiliation of prostitutes
Previous attempts to tackle the industry have had mixed results. Three years ago the organisers of an orgy involving more than 200 Japanese sex tourists and local prostitutes were sentenced to life imprisonment. Earlier this year thousands of police were deployed in Shenzhen to quash a protest by more than 3000 prostitutes and karaoke hostesses left without jobs after massage parlours and discos were closed.




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