Tilykke med nyt navn, SANS!

21 05 2007


Det svenske netværk for sexarbejdere og allierede som før hed PRIS har fået et nyt navn SANS, efter at en gruppe kvinder (prostitutions modstandere) havde stjålet PRIS navnet, og tilsyneladende købt pris domænet som de kun ville sælge mod 10.000 Euro, til den oprindelige sexarbejder organisation PRIS.Nu er sexarbejdere ikke tabt bag en vogn, og vi finder os heller ikke i afpresningsmetoder. De svenske gæve kvinder har nu ændret PRIS navnet til SANS, og købt et sans domæne  så de undgår at samme problem igen opstår.

TILLYKKE  SANS – Sexsäljares och allierades nätverk i Sverige


6 months ago we started a new network here in Sweden, a network for sexworkers human rights. Just after we published our new name a small group of people, who works against prostitution, made an aware rip-off of the networks name PRIS. 

The new ugly PRIS didn’t want to change name and wanted us to pay 10.000 EURO for the domain name that they had register. One of their goals is to export the Swedish law, that criminalizes our client, to other countries! Yeahh that’s right! Ok… so if a network who is against prostitution and obviously works against sexworkers rights still wants to call themselves for Prostitutes Right In the Society… what can we do??? Just please be aware of that PRIS in Sweden works against our goals.

We were not prepared on such here infantile methods nor do we want to sit with them in a sandbox and throw sand back on them. So we choose to ignore them as much as we can.

During the spring we have continued our discussions about various question , supported each other and today you can find a very nice group of dynamic and creative folk within our network. In our network you can find both old sexworker activists and newer ones like myself and of course clients and allies to us. 

We came up with a better name for our network; actually it was Pye Jakobson who suggested the name! I’m today very proud to present our SANSible good network:

SANS – Sexworkers and allies network in Sweden

SANS is working towards getting sexworkers the same human rights as the rest of society, and not be subjected to discrimination, oppression or stigmatization. SANS counteracts the stereotypical and bias image that exists about the sale of sexual services.

We want a more sensible policy and legislation concerning the selling and buying of sexual services, a decriminalization that means that the legislation surrounding sex for pay between consenting adults is removed. As a result of a policy change, sexsellers could then start to  be protected for real by the existing laws, for example rape, sexual abuse, trafficking etc.



Mer information om oss hittar du på vår hemsida www.sans.nu
(SANS webbplats håller på att byggas ut med en massa bra information.)




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